Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Making zombies

Ok, so I know this isn't really a 'craft' but it is still an art. So a few weeks ago I asked for some people that would want to do some pinup/boudoir photos. Well I got a few like that, but the girls that volunteered wanted to also do more zombie stuff. So the photo day was Sunday, which the photos look great! and I did my first photoshoped self made zombie. It took me about 6 times to get the face and 'make up' right. But for now its done, I may add some more later, but I am happy with it and today I am going to try and get a few more done now that I got the hang of things. So I wanted to put a few up here to share.

So this is the before photo. Cute right?

This is the zombie photo. (shh, Don't tell her, but I don't know if that powder or the spray is going to help) teehee
And these are a just one of each of the girls pinup/boudoir intimate photos. I think they look good. I also wouldn't mind doing more. I had fun doing these ones, and now that I can do them. Even with lack of a studio and lighting. The zombie photo above was taken in a nearby grave yard, near dusk. The the photos below were taken in my bedroom all with natural light. I had the rope lights on just for fun.

And lastly thanks lady's for helping me out. It was super fun, and a great learning experience for me. I would love to do it again sometime soon.