Wednesday, December 21, 2011

toy box

So about two weeks ago I started redoing this toy box I had. I wanted it to match the theme I have going on in my main living area. Which my family and I just redid as well. So I sanded down all the spray paint. I got stain to put on it, however, it wasn't the color I wanted after staining, so instead of wiping off the stain, I put on a few lite coats and just left on to dry. As you can see, there are still some o the wood lines, but not at much. least it the color I wanted. Lol. I also made that music paper. I wanted old and brunt paper, however was outta luck. So I googled up Beethoven 5th sheet music, and just Photoshop it to look old.  I wanted to print it out on reg paper, but the lady at the printer said she couldn't...not sure why..? Anyways, I just took the now photo papered sheet music, and tore the ends of and burnt them. Glue them on and then put a clear gloss of polyurethane on top. Oh also, I did the top also. Luckily if you buy curtains from Ikea, they only make curtains in sizes 92 to since one of my windows is not that big, I ended up cutting the curtains, and was unsure what to use the left over fabric for....and my lovely husband threw in the idea to recover the bench with it.  I still have lots of the curtain fabric left too! Any ways, here's photos of before and after.  I couldn't find any other photos of it from before, I should of taken one, but I didn't. So this is what it looked like when I first got it. I ended up painting it black and putting a purple/silver cover over it to put wii stuff in it. but now its back to toys. Lol.
 This was taken a few years ago.

After, I like this much better. 
However I wish I could get ride of the those heart cut outs....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Steam punk

So here is some of the steam punk jewelry I have made. Most I made for the vampire ball last year. But I never made any jewelry before and had fun doing it. So I made more. Now however, I have been inspired by everything steam punk, 1800s, early 1900s the Victorian age/style. Some of it is like recycling at its best! Which I love recycling. Lol.

But this piece was a necklace, this I made for the v-ball.
Bracelet, that I made after the ball. There is a clock repair shop that I found a few blocks away from me. The lady had no idea what I was getting at, when I asked for old parts. I should take these photos in for her to see. But She said I could have parts any time. Yeah me!
I put this piece together to go on my corset for the ball. However I took it off to make into a hair clip or pin. I just haven't done it yet. Lol.
Hair clip. This is one of my fav ones I made! I wear it all the time.
Pin. I made this a few weeks after the ball. Ordered a type writer off ebay for the parts.