Thursday, April 19, 2012

how to make fabric ruffle flower tutorial

how to make fabric ruffle flower tutorial
What you will need,

I used pink jersey fabric for these. First cut out some round ovalesh shapes.

Next, thread the needle though on of the pieces like this.

When you pull it tight, it should look something like this.

Make a few more. I wanted to layer some on top of each other, but you can do what ever you like/ thinks looks best for what your wanting.

I made two more, mine look more like ruffles here, and that's ok. The more you put to together with these flowers, the more ruffly it will look. 

Next I took that first flower, and glued a feather behind it, and added some blue beads. Now the ruffles look like there behind the flower and not all one ruffle. 

Here are some other types....
The green head band has the same type of flowers, and is made from the same kind of fabric. and the pink on, is just like the on above, but I did not layer it or add more.

Hope you enjoyed, good luck on ruffly flower making and more flowers soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Head bands

Well I am bored today, which is kinda nice cause the last few weeks I have been super busy with Vball, yard work and editing photos (which I shouldn't complain about that last one) So it was nice to be able to sit on my butt, listen to some good music, and make myself a new head wrap and the girls some new head bands as well. Scarlette got this really cool make your own head band kit for Christmas, it came with...10 head bands. But it didn't really come with a whole lot to decorate them with. We had already used most of the ribbons and flowers it came with on the first 4 bands. So I got some left over scrap stuff today, and made some cute little ruffle flowers for them, and put some buttons on one. Anyways, here are photos. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

do it your self dry erase board tutorial

I made one of these a while ago for a friend. Super fun and easy to make. Plus I didn't spend any money, used left over stuff/stuff I wasn't using. The one for my friend I used a 8 by 10 picture frame. Therefore the paper I put in it, fit. However this one is bigger 11 by 14. So I did it a little differently.

So here we are, picture frame. This frame wasn't being use in my is not. ;)
I used scarp booking paper, that matched the theme of my bedroom. But You can use anything you want. Pictures your kids have colored (change it out when they color you something new!) newspaper, fabric...shoot you can even paint or color the card board behind the glass.
Because this paper was not going to fill the full frame, I took two piece and ripped them into smaller pieces to and added some little stickers (I have another photo in my room that has a bird on it, so it matches) to give it a artsy feel.

I think everyone needs reminders to love, live and laugh every day. So since this is going in my room, and I well see it everyday...why not.

Then I just put the pieces together how I liked, put the back, back on...and TADA, done! A very simple, but cute dry erase board.

My window made this one kinda hard to see, but it says good morning. If you can read my crappy hand writing and get past me and my camera.

Hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mini Steam Punk Top Hat

So I found this idea on Craftster. I thought it would be great for the Vampire Ball. I changed my up a bit. Its made from cardboard and then I just glued on the black fabric, as you can see in the photo, my flash shows that the glue wasn't dry. LOL. Cutting the round pieces was a pain, but I got it. I then glue all the piece together once they had the fabric on it, and took some left over lace, ribbon and tulle and made the front piece. Once that was one, I put on the watch face and the watch hand. I made that watch face last year, but never knew what to do with him. So, hey look, a year, and I wanted to put both watch hands on it, but couldn't find the other till after I took photos. So I may put it on, or leave it. I wish I still had some bigger gears left over. Oh well its still cute and will look great at the ball. =)
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My little steam punk pony

I really I have no close why I never did this before. I have a good friend that wanted to, and I was like nah....But maybe cause with those it wasn't just sewing or making them cloths. It was using clay and what not to restyle them into something else. But I deiced that a few of these would be cute in my downstairs. Anyways, here is a before photo

This is after. I recolored her body with ritdye

Made her a cute little top hat and a corset with bustle skirt. And gave her a new earring. 

Her hair is just pinned, so if I want to change it later I can. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012


So I was just looking though google a few weeks ago, and saw these. I thought they where so cute, and that I had to make a pair for my self.
So here is what I did.
Reg pair of shoes. Leather.

I sanded them down a bit so the glue would stick better. I ended up sanding a lot more then what is shown. But this could of done the job.

I took some crafters glue and tore up pieces of some music paper I had laying around.  I painted on the glue and put on the paper all over the show.

Then after it was dry, I painted on 2 coats of clear gloss polyurethane to help water proof it. It ended up shrinking the shoe about a half size, so next time I am only gonna do 1 coat. Then I glued on the lace for trim. =)