Tuesday, April 17, 2012

do it your self dry erase board tutorial

I made one of these a while ago for a friend. Super fun and easy to make. Plus I didn't spend any money, used left over stuff/stuff I wasn't using. The one for my friend I used a 8 by 10 picture frame. Therefore the paper I put in it, fit. However this one is bigger 11 by 14. So I did it a little differently.

So here we are, picture frame. This frame wasn't being use in my house...so...it is not. ;)
I used scarp booking paper, that matched the theme of my bedroom. But You can use anything you want. Pictures your kids have colored (change it out when they color you something new!) newspaper, fabric...shoot you can even paint or color the card board behind the glass.
Because this paper was not going to fill the full frame, I took two piece and ripped them into smaller pieces to and added some little stickers (I have another photo in my room that has a bird on it, so it matches) to give it a artsy feel.

I think everyone needs reminders to love, live and laugh every day. So since this is going in my room, and I well see it everyday...why not.

Then I just put the pieces together how I liked, put the back, back on...and TADA, done! A very simple, but cute dry erase board.

My window made this one kinda hard to see, but it says good morning. If you can read my crappy hand writing and get past me and my camera.

Hope you enjoyed.

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