Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Head bands

Well I am bored today, which is kinda nice cause the last few weeks I have been super busy with Vball, yard work and editing photos (which I shouldn't complain about that last one) So it was nice to be able to sit on my butt, listen to some good music, and make myself a new head wrap and the girls some new head bands as well. Scarlette got this really cool make your own head band kit for Christmas, it came with...10 head bands. But it didn't really come with a whole lot to decorate them with. We had already used most of the ribbons and flowers it came with on the first 4 bands. So I got some left over scrap stuff today, and made some cute little ruffle flowers for them, and put some buttons on one. Anyways, here are photos. Enjoy.

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