Thursday, April 19, 2012

how to make fabric ruffle flower tutorial

how to make fabric ruffle flower tutorial
What you will need,

I used pink jersey fabric for these. First cut out some round ovalesh shapes.

Next, thread the needle though on of the pieces like this.

When you pull it tight, it should look something like this.

Make a few more. I wanted to layer some on top of each other, but you can do what ever you like/ thinks looks best for what your wanting.

I made two more, mine look more like ruffles here, and that's ok. The more you put to together with these flowers, the more ruffly it will look. 

Next I took that first flower, and glued a feather behind it, and added some blue beads. Now the ruffles look like there behind the flower and not all one ruffle. 

Here are some other types....
The green head band has the same type of flowers, and is made from the same kind of fabric. and the pink on, is just like the on above, but I did not layer it or add more.

Hope you enjoyed, good luck on ruffly flower making and more flowers soon.

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